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The process of Infuzion®

Software conversions can be a challenge. Choosing the right implementor is key to a successful transition.


Analysis includes hands-on discovery and visual presentation so management, users and consultants understand current processes and workflows as well as collectively map out improved processes that maximize the technology improvements but maintain user efficiency and management goals.


Design is understanding the unique needs of your company when we work to design a system that meets your needs harnessing the development strength of hundreds of Independent Software Vendors, industry experts, and Microsoft developers.


Development puts action to the design and analysis to create a system where users can test and work through new functionality to assure it will meet all their needs for deployment.


Deployment is where the rubber meets the road.  A plan is developed that maximizes every effort for a smooth transition from previous software to the new solution without interruption of business.


Operation ensures we don’t just leave after Go-Live, we strive to continually make sure your software is functioning to meet your needs and all the set expectations have been met.

Infuzion® is your real software conversion solution

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