Infuzion® for Wisconsin

Infuzion® for Wisconsin

Free goods and layered free goods + free goods that are gift cards or loaders

  • Infuzion® offers flexible options for selecting multiple free goods that apply within a deal and qualifying free goods that meet a complete order requirement.

  • Our ERP system automates the validation of the free good without a manual entry from a sales rep to assure accurate free good distribution to customers and minimize human error.

  • Options available on inventoried product or gift loader cards

Gallonage Tax Options

  • Infuzion® handles gallonage tax on receipt and offers flexible options for tracking how much gallonage tax a supplier should include remitting, or options if a supplier agreement is for the distributor to remit gallonage tax and accrue on receipt.

  • Submit automated state taxing reports to Wisconsin through Infuzion® using an interactive Excel workbook.

Automated Depletion Allowances

  • Infuzion® gives visibility to true daily gross profit factoring in the DAs, free goods, and sample reimbursement percentages. In addition, Infuzion allows automated calculation and invoicing to vendors for these reimbursements.


Integration Partners


Why do wine and spirits distributors choose Infuzion®?:

  • Relationships with the same consultants who implemented the solution and support it

At Infuzion, we view our team as an extension of your company. We believe that an ongoing relationship with our clients is just as important as the initial implementation. You can trust our people to share the same amount of passion for your industry and business as you.

Having a multi-company roll-out on an ERP system is a big challenge but the Infuzion team was on-site and hands-on during the whole implementation process. They have continued to provide great support and quick response to any issues. - Larry Gates, General Beverages

  • We keep up with trends, so you don't have to

Without being a software expert, it can be difficult to keep up with every new reporting tool or electronic interface that is developed in your industry. But with Infuzion, we are the experts. Your team at Infuzion is on-trend and working with distributors to understand and deploy the latest demands. We consistently work to find creative solutions to fit your organization's unique needs by specifically using Microsoft tools that are always evolving and releasing new functionality. Partner with an expert.

  • Support you can keep in your back pocket

Your business is growing and changing daily. Internal personnel within your company can undoubtedly leave from time to time, but your relationship with the Infuzion team is lasting. From re-training to ongoing support needs, you can trust us to have your back. Always.

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