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Software developed just for the wine & spirits wholesalers

Moving You to Profitability

Infuzion® software streamlines the purchasing and receiving of your products and gives you increased profits. 

Sales Order

Infuzion® software makes your entire sales process more effective and productive. Increase your sales with much less effort utilizing remote order entry and workflows.

  • Remote Order Entry (Utilizing Inventiv Software)

  • EDI and other Electronic Order Imports

  • Deal Pricing Calculations

  • Depletion Allowance Calculations and Invoicing​

  • Multiple Sales Rep Tracking

  • Accounts Receivable Management and Terms Tracking

  • Automated Same Day Picking

Invoice & Collections

Infuzion® software takes the headache out of invoicing and collections. Utilizing EDI and integrations with automated payment solutions like Fintech and iControl allow advance notice of invoices and on-time payments. 

  • EDI advance Shipment Notices and Other Electronic Invoicing formats

  • Flexible format of Invoice forms

  • Automated Email of invoices

  • Multiple Sales Rep Tracking

  • Accounts Receivable Management and Terms Tracking

  • Automated Same Day Picking

Purchasing & Vendors

  • Inventory Replenishment Analysis and Planning

  • Automated Purchase Order Generation

  • Inventory and Vendor Pricing Management

Wireless Warehouse

  • Customer Routing and Invoicing

  • Replenishment Management

  • Multiple Zone Picking

  • Wireless Cycle Counting

Picking & Delivery

Infuzion® software can increase the productivity of your routing and delivery services. Not only will you save time and money, your customers will be delighted with the improvement in service.  

  • Routing integrations and management

  • Pocket Delivery Integration (Utilizing Inventiv Software)

  • WMS Picking, Label printing or Pick Report optimization

Billbacks & Accurate Analytics

Infuzion® Software automates the Supplier Billback process, gathers accurate reporting for regulatory gallonage tax for your state and provides accurate reporting with true gross

profit analysis.

  • Power BI Dashboards and Sales Reporting

  • Depletion Allowance Reporting & Profitability​

  • Document Imaging & Attachment of Sales Documents

  • Robust Financial Reporting

  • Full General Ledger Integration, Posting and Recurring Transactions

  • Automated Commissions Calculations and Reporting

Make Infuzion® your end-to-end solution.

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