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From supply chain management to accounting and sales needs, Infuzion® brings together industry specific software solutions with the power of Microsoft technology.

Providing ERP Solutions Since 2005

Our History 

2005 - Diana Fiele started what at the time was known as Di-Fi Solutions. 

The company start with just Diana and a dream to help small to mid-size companies stay on the Technology Train using Microsoft Dynamics GP.  So it began with just a hand full of clients around Knoxville TN.   


Later that year Corrie Olson our current CEO starting contracting with Diana. 

Corrie became an official employee in early 2006. Corrie and Diana continued to grow and expand, always remembering that the vision was to support the client and become an extension of the clients company. 


2008 - Corrie became a partner at Di-Fi Solutions and they continued to grow. 

Corrie started a Solution built on Dynamics GP for the Wine and Spirits Wholesale Distributor. She branded it Infuzion and with the start of Infuzion the company really started growing faster than anyone could have imagined. 


2017 - Corrie bought out Diana and become the CEO of Infuzion Solutions. 

With Corrie's leadership the company continues to grow and expand across the country while never forgetting, where and how it all begin.  That is to become and extension of the clients company and keep them on the technology train. 

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