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Choosing and implementing an accounting software program can be a challenge for any business.


We can help.

Infuzion Solutions will


Review your business processes so that we can produce an accurate planning and

implementation strategy.   

Be a life-long resource for clients in reviewing software needs and reviewing their effectiveness.


Offer a variety of services, not only selling products, but implementing, supporting and training customers to achieve the best use of their current and future software.

We are a Microsoft Partner, specializing in many Microsoft business solutions, along with many other business software packages and processes. We can implement your software needs by working with your staff to create software solutions tailored for your business, from fixed assets to time tracking to inventory and beyond; we are flexible and can help you find the best product to fit your needs and budget. 

We Are a Microsoft Partner with the Know-How


Microsoft Dynamics

  • Implementations 

  • Upgrades

  • Support

  • Training

  • Workflows

  • Integrations

Power BI

  • Design

  • Train

  • Support

  • Customize

Technical Support

  • Infrastructure

  • Hardware

  • Networking

  • Applications

  • Security

  • Backups

Microsoft 365

  • Migrate

  • Support

  • Train

  • Manage

  • Unified Billing

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