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6 Steps to a Successful Infuzion® ERP Software Implementation

Implementing a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can be one of the most stressful, costly events an organization can experience. The change can be especially overwhelming for staff members if upgrading from a familiar legacy system to new, modernized software.

With ERP software typically regulating the most foundational elements of a company's infrastructure, a poorly planned implementation can induce significant financial losses if partnering with the wrong implementer.

But at Infuzion Solutions, we believe that the implementation process can be efficient and successful with a good strategy and great communication.

For over ten years, wine and spirits distributors continue to choose Infuzion® as their ERP software solution due to its quality, customized features, support, and track record of successful implementations.

With over twenty wine and spirits distribution centers around the nation on Infuzion®, our team has yet to miss a single shipment.

Our detailed and transparent quoting process keeps us on budget and promotes trusting relationships with our clients who we intend to serve for the lifetime of their businesses.

Our Infuzion® implementation success comes from executing a customized version of Microsoft's Sure Step Implementation Method, a detailed strategy that our team follows from an implementation's start to its finish.

Infuzion Solution's six-step implementation method provides wine and spirits distributors with the confidence it requires to entrust our team with one of the most laborious, yet profitable, improvements a business can make.

This article will outline the process wine and spirits distributors can expect when partnering with Infuzion Solutions when implementing Infuzion® software.


6 Steps Clients Can Expect When Implementing Infuzion® Software

Step 1: The Business Analysis

No two companies are the same. The unique talent, processes, and systems each business has will never quite match another. At Infuzion Solutions, we recognize this, so we do not offer a straight-out-of-the-box approach. Instead, we customize the Infuzion® software to the way a company truly functions on a day-to-day basis.

During Infuzion Solution's business analysis stage, our team spends a week with the client company to grasp the details of their processes. We take time to meet and work with the employees who make the magic happen.

The vital information we gather from this analysis week assists our team in building a Functional Requirements Document (FRD) for the client.

The FRD allows the business owner/s to see and read exactly how their business functions, detailed in a written report. The FRD is a report that documents the client's current processes, operations, workflows, and goals from an outsider's perspective. The client also receives a Visio to visually represent the flow of data within the organization. The FRD is crucial in building the foundation for the next steps in the implementation of Infuzion® software. It helps our team discern the final course to implement Infuzion fully and completely.

In addition to the FRD the client also receives a complete and accurate quote (minus any requested additions from the client post FRD) before the implementation ever begins. We can offer this commitment because our team presents an entire statement of work that details our exact steps moving forward.

Clients can expect to receive a surprise-free experience with a timely implementation that often comes in under budget.

Step 2: The Design

Once the client confirms the FRD, our team meets with the client to break down in more detail each functional area within their organization. The client then decides the best software and processes for their company with our team available to guide or just be available as an expert resource to lean on if desired.

During the design stage, our team works with the client to harness top Independent Software Vendors (ISV), industry experts, and Microsoft developers to outline a system that meets the needs and goals of our client's organization. Using details from the FRD, the design stage gives the client a chance to see just how Infuzion® software will increase its profitability.

Step 3: The Development

With the support of the design guide, the Infuzion team then moves into the development stage.

With two software architects on staff at Infuzion Solutions, our team works to customize the Infuzion® software to the exact needs of the client's company.

During the design stage, the client’s team goes through a 3-step process:

  1. Explanation of the process during the design

  2. Provide remote walk-throughs that allow users to start learning through experience in their own system

  3. Onsite super-user training – a week of training that empowers users to process test scenarios

Step 4: The Deployment and Go-Live

Once all data from the client's old system is in Infuzion®, the data is scrubbed, formatted, tested, and is ready for go-live.

After Infuzion® is live, our team stays on-site, day and night, to offer support and resolve any concerns during the first week. This time is essential for back office, sales, and warehouse workers to receive adequate training on the software.

Step 5: The Operation

When the Infuzion Solutions team leaves the client’s organization after go-live, the organization will continue receiving unlimited support for the next 6-weeks, included in the implementation package.

Our team is committed to continuing the support of our client's organization to work out any adjustments or learning curves. In addition, we are devoted to being present at the end of the month to reconcile the client's data and prepare end-of-month reports for the first time on Infuzion®.

Step 6: The Project Closure

Once the implementation project ends, our clients shift to receiving support at an hourly rate.

When moving to a new ERP system, the first year always requires the most intensive need for support. Our goal at Infuzion Solutions is to empower users to independently handle different scenarios and common issues.

Some clients use our team as an extension of their staff. Others use our support for only the tough issues. Regardless of the need, our team responds quickly, and we strive to give our clients knowledgeable support.

Clients do have options for a support contract which gives them unlimited support for one fixed monthly cost. The contract adjusts each year based on their previous year’s usage of support hours.

We aim to provide support throughout the lifetime of the client's business. Our clients can trust that the same people who implemented their Infuzion software will support their software afterward.


Is your company ready for an Infuzion® implementation?

At Infuzion Solutions, we understand the commitment an ERP implementation requires. When adding or changing the foundational software a company operates on, we believe that the fundamental strategy and the teams that deliver it are vital to a successful transition. That is why over twenty wine and spirits distributors have trusted our team at Infuzion Solutions to analyze, design, and develop a complete and customized solution for their businesses that rests on our robust Infuzion software.

For more information on Infuzion® software and our implementation process, contact for a demo. We are now scheduling Infuzion® implementations for 2022.


About Infuzion Solutions

From supply chain management to accounting and sales needs, Infuzion® brings together industry-specific software solutions with the power of Microsoft technology.

Infuzion's ERP software solutions and services are used by small and medium sized enterprises across a wide variety of industries, including wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, healthcare, higher education, and professional services. Their solutions help maximize software investments while improving staff productivity and company profitability.

Infuzion Solutions is a certified Microsoft Dynamics GP partner and a small business specialist. Infuzion not only assists small to middle sized enterprises in implementing new administration and accounting software but consults with those wishing to improve their business processes.


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