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Why Your Business Needs Microsoft Dynamics GP for Your ERP Software

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Why your business needs Microsoft Dynamics GP for your ERP software

As a Microsoft Dynamics certified Silver Partner, Dynamics GP stands at the core of Infuzion Solutions for good reason. In 2008, Corrie Olson, the Owner and CEO of Infuzion Solutions, discovered that a standard enterprise resource planning (ERP) system was not tailored enough meet the extensive accounting and sales needs within the wine and spirits distribution industry. Harnessing the power of Dynamics GP’s robust software and

Infuzion is different because our consultants build relationships with clients, we keep up with trends so you don't have to and we offer support that you can keep in your back pocket

track record, Corrie worked with Microsoft to build an end-to-end software solution called Infuzion® for wine and spirits wholesalers that utilized Dynamics GP at its base. The Infuzion® software’s ability to create effective solutions for its clients led Infuzion Solutions to establish partnerships with every wine and spirits distributor in East Tennessee and then implement Infuzion® into their business operations.

The success of the Infuzion® software proves 3 key reasons why we believe in the Microsoft Dynamics Advantage and why we think you should too.


1. It is a proven solution that works with your existing investments

There are over 41,000 Microsoft Dynamics GP customers worldwide, making it the largest U.S. based Microsoft accounting ERP software. Dynamics GP is also the most widely used ERP software within its own Microsoft suite, making it a reliable, well known, and effective solution for small to medium-sized companies. Dynamics GP brings its users valuable insights and capabilities, including over 200 Excel reports with real-time data, over 100 out of the box metrics, and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) across 15

Microsoft Dynamics GP logo

dashboards. Dynamics GP is incredibly efficient in quickly communicating with vendors and customers through a user-friendly interface similar to other Microsoft Office software.

Infuzion Solutions believes that the overall familiarity with Microsoft products is beneficial to its users because Microsoft makes the transition to Dynamics GP simple by offering everything you need to run your business from one company – Microsoft. Dynamics GP integrates easily with all the Microsoft solutions you already use, including Windows computer systems, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, and more.

It doesn’t get easier than that.


2. Enhanced Insight

We love that Dynamics GP allows its users to create personalized roles. These roles allow users to tailor information to be passed on to specific areas in your organization. This is a great perk because your personnel will only receive information that is beneficial to them. The individuals in those specified roles have access to personalized dashboards and KPIs that include valuable data in a visual format. We truly believe that the most powerful component of Dynamics GP is how easy it is to get your data out, as it is never locked up or inaccessible to its users. As the owner of your data, you can access your data whenever and wherever with whoever.

Accessible data was a major consideration when building our Infuzion® software solution. With your data being fully accessible, we decided that it was essential to build off that functionality to include an automatic reporting feature for our clients to save time and improve their efficiency. Utilizing Dynamics GP at its base, the Infuzion® software allows users to automatically send out reports on a defined schedule, with conditions, in multiple formats, in an email burst, or gives users the ability to export or print. Once again, your valuable data is always accessible to you in ways that are completely custom to your needs.


3. Proprietary Software can’t be customized to your specific needs

Being part of a Microsoft Channel versus using propriety software means that you have an abundance of resources at your fingertips through Microsoft’s Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Thousands of ISVs write products specifically for Microsoft, which means that if you have a specific need or you would like a special change to the Microsoft product, there may be a solution already out there ready for you to access. If you do find that there is not an ISV solution, you also have the opportunity to have a Microsoft developer make that change for you.

With a Proprietary Software, the software sets the limits on how far you can go. With Microsoft GP, you set the limits because the possibilities of analyzing your sales and accounting data are endless.

As a Microsoft Partner, Infuzion Solutions believes that Dynamics GP has the capabilities to give your company a unique ERP that is fully customized to your needs. We know because GP is the core of our very own solution for the wine and spirits industry called

Infuzion Solutions is a Silver Microsoft Partner

Infuzion®. With its outstanding track record among users due to its ability to integrate with your prior investments while also giving you enhanced insights that are totally customizable to your needs, we truly believe Microsoft Dynamics GP is the top solution on the market for your small to medium-sized business. Let our consultants at Infuzion Solutions show you how the Microsoft Dynamics Advantage can benefit you.


About Infuzion Solutions

From supply chain management to accounting and sales needs, Infuzion® brings together industry-specific software solutions with the power of Microsoft technology.

Infuzion's ERP software solutions and services are used by small and medium sized enterprises across a wide variety of industries, including wholesale, distribution, healthcare, higher education, and professional services. Their solutions help maximize software investments while improving staff productivity and company profitability.

Infuzion Solutions is a certified Microsoft Dynamics GP partner and a small business specialist. Infuzion not only assists small to middle sized enterprises in implementing new administration and accounting software but consults with those wishing to improve their business processes.

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