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Employee Spotlight | Greg Kimble (Video)

Meet Greg Kimble, Software Solutions Architect at Infuzion Solutions

Name: Greg Kimble

Title: Software Solutions Architect // 5 years

What makes you happiest in your job?

The creative problem-solving that I get to do here is probably my favorite thing … I like the capacity to really think outside the box and come up with an elegant solution. I have an art background, so I think that there should be an inner beauty with some of the stuff that we do. So, if you look at my code, hopefully, somebody looks at it and thinks, “Wow, that was a neat way of doing it.”

What makes Infuzion Solutions different?

I think that we’re a powerful partner. If you’ve got something going [very] wrong, we are here, and we know enough about everything that’s going on to figure out why it happened in the first place and [find] a solution to prevent it from happening again.

We truly love what we do. We like being in the trenches and trying to figure out why something is going wrong, then coming up with solutions and figuring stuff out.

I think that we’re a group of people that will engage and ask questions. I think that we’ll work very hard and very intelligently to find a solution that is custom and exactly what you’re needing … We celebrate the successes of our clients when we see a project come to a close and see that our team has made a difference there, it’s just something that gives us pride in the work that we do.

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From supply chain management to accounting and sales needs, Infuzion® brings together industry-specific software solutions with the power of Microsoft technology.

Infuzion's ERP software solutions and services are used by small and medium-sized enterprises across a wide variety of industries, including wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, healthcare, higher education, and professional services. Their solutions help maximize software investments while improving staff productivity and company profitability.

Infuzion Solutions is a certified Microsoft Dynamics GP partner and a small business specialist. Infuzion not only assists small to middle-sized enterprises in implementing new administration and accounting software but consults with those wishing to improve their business processes.

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